Polityka jakości

§ 1
(Definitions of terms)

1. Regulations – this document defines in particular the privacy policy and terms of use of the service.
2. 2. Administrator – WEMAX POLSKA sp. z o.o. sp. k., based in Krasnystaw, at Gospodarcza 7, NIP 5641789596, REGON 364802944, KRS 0000625402. Postal address: Gospodarcza 7, 22-300 Krasnystaw, e-mail address:, telephone number/fax: +48 82 576 30 78.
3. User – an individual having capacity to perform legal acts, legal person or organisational entity without a legal personality.
4. Service – website under the URL address, owned by the Administrator.

§ 2
(Privacy policy)

1. Personal data controller is an Administrator.
2. The purpose of processing personal data.
1) Correspondence with the User, i.e. a person who is the data subject, at the user’s request, in particular, answering the questions via e-mail.
2) Fulfilling the legal obligations imposed on the Administrator, in particular, regarding the storage of the data for the purposes of the future proceedings of the authorized authority, settlement of public and legal levies.
3) Legitimate interests pursued by the Administrator, in particular concerning direct marketing, creating analysis and statistics for internal purposes, archiving.
3. Recipients of the personal data – other data controllers, the participation of which was necessary to implement the process, in particular, subcontractors, postal operators and carriers, entities providing IT services, legal, tax and accounting assistance at our request.
4. Personal data retention period – until the expiration date of these data with specific regulatory requirements, in particular with applicable tax laws, civil and public law regulations, i.e. up to 5 years from the end of the year in which the purpose of processing was achieved.
5. Rights of persons whose data is being processed – a person who is the data subject has the right to request the administrator to access their personal data, rectify, delete, transfer or limit processing and has the right to object to the processing for reasons related to his/her particular situation.
6. Complaint to the supervisory authority – the data subject has the right to handle a complaint with the supervisory authority.
7. Purpose and consequences of providing personal data – providing personal data by the User is voluntary and is intended to enable the Administrator to conduct the correspondence properly and effectively.
8. 8. Automated decision-making – the website saves information in the form of “cookies”, i.e. files placed on the user’s computer while browsing the web. These files are used for profiling, i.e. the assessment of certain personal factors, in particular for the analysis or forecast of aspects concerning personal preferences and interests which allows the website to be adapted to the needs of people visiting it repeatedly. Each user can decide how cookies are stored on his computer. It is possible due to the settings / preferences defined in the browsers. Default settings of popular browsers (Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera) allow to save “cookies” from the website
9. Personal data is stored in a way that prevents third party-access.

§ 3
(Other regulations)

1. Using the service means accepting the terms and conditions.
2. Administrator owns the copyright to all presented content and pictures presented in this service. Using them for commercial or advertising purposes without the permission and knowledge of the author can lead to legal consequences.