Polityka jakości

Quality policy of WEMAX is the consequence of company’s mission, which is to offer the highest quality products and services in the area of metal structures production. Imprinting our brand on customers memory as a synonym of services with a maximum level of professionalism is the supreme goal of the company. The customers’ needs and expectations motivates the company for continuous improvement at every stage of its activity.

Implemented quality management system (in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2015) obliges the company to pursue strategic goals, which are:

  • provision of the highest quality products and services;
  • continuous upgrade and expansion of the machinery park;
  • constant improvement of employees’ professional qualifications;
  • creation the image of a reliable business partner;
  • successive growth of the share on the Polish and foreign market.

Strategic goals will be implemented by:

  • good organization of work, rewarding both clients and employees;
  • hundred percent involvement of employees to the assigned duties;
  • proper recognition of clients’ needs and expectations to achieve the highest quality level of provided services;
  • maintaining the balance between the product’s quality, cost and execution time;
  • maintaining a constant growth of competitiveness;
  • performing operations under supervision, providing its effective and efficient execution;
  • continuous improvement of the quality management system and subordinating all company’s activities to it.

Company’s key executives are committed to meet all legal requirements and to provide resources necessary for the proper implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality management system (in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2015). The company also inform that this quality policy has been communicated to all employees, is constantly reviewed in terms of suitability and is publicly available, understood and implemented.